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Volunteering has brought Jean Carr opportunity, excitement and life-long friends.

The average daily life is too scheduled, she told Civil Beat in a recent interview. People should volunteer somewhere to break free from their daily routine, she added.

She has been with the Friends of Hanauma Bay Education Program since its creation in 1990. She is the only volunteer left that has been with the program since the beginning and still volunteers every Monday morning at the beach desk.

Carr has also been a volunteer at the Waikiki Aquarium for 14 years and now volunteers every Tuesday at the Edge of the Reef.

Volunteering has taken Carr snorkeling throughout the Pacific, bicycling across Europe and hiking around each Hawaiian island twice.

“That’s part of the reason I think I am at 86 still going, I’m not just sitting at home,” Carr said.

Listen to her story:

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