As public affairs and investigative journalists, we are all about holding people accountable.

So we’re always glad to report that other people are doing it — whether organizations, commissions or regulators — as long as they are truly doing it in the public interest.

Our in-depth profile of the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission — which turns 100 this year — demonstrated how the agency has finally rediscovered its purpose and begun to look out for consumers, forcing Hawaiian Electric Co. to refund Maui customers $8 million last month.

Then there’s the state auditor office that essentially got audited. Given that it got caught violating the procurement code, the auditor might do well to take a closer look at itself.

Another article showed that the federal government is asking the state to return more than a half-million dollars in stimulus funds that a local non-profit was supposed to use to help at-risk students. Most of the money was spent on computers that were left in boxes for three years.

Other notable articles include one about the disturbing implications of a lot of missing fish on the Big Island and an innovative proposal to kick-start a response to homelessness.

For a little fun, you can also take our quiz to see if you are local enough to be a good president of the University of Hawaii or be mesmerized by our intimate view of the mayor, via the Kirk Cam.

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