The question of who’s going to pay for what was the underlying question in many of our articles this week.

Should we increase taxes to pay for raises for police officers?

Hawaiian Electric Co. says that people with solar panels ought to pay a larger share of the cost of maintaining the electric grid.

We also know that our changing ecosystem, due to overfishing of bigeye tuna, will leave future generations to foot that bill.

And this week, as part of our ongoing look at the Public Utilities Commission on the 100th anniversary of its founding, we looked at staffing issues, including the fact that the commission is unable to retain highly qualified attorneys and engineers because they can get better-paying jobs in the private sector. That means the PUC invests public dollars to train people and get them up to speed, but that HECO enjoys many of the benefits.

And then there is the Navy research lab at the University of Hawaii. There is no doubt about who is paying for it, but no one can say what it does, or even where it is located.

That mystery echoes others in our story on the big-dollar Hawaii-based intelligence community. Even the state doesn’t know how many spies are among us. And figuring out the spy budget here in Hawaii can’t be easy.

Lots to catch up and in case you missed out here’s a list of 10 stories to help you do that:

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