A man who allegedly threatened Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was arrested yesterday, the United States Capitol Police and the FBI announced today.

A press release from the FBI did not detail the nature of the threats allegedly made by Aniruddha Sherbow, saying only that they were made on Aug. 1 and Aug 3, and that they were deemed credible.

However, an email, signed by an Aniruddha Sherbow and sent to the FBI’s New York and Washington, D.C. field offices as well as media outlets in Hawaii and nationally on Aug 3, spoke of decapitating the congresswoman.

Complaining that Gabbard had not responded to his attempts to reach her, the author of the email said, “I, Aniruddha Sherbow, with the Divine as my witness, do hereby solemnly vow to find Tulsi Gabbard, wheresoever she may be, and to sever her head from her body.”

Spokesmen from the FBI and the Capitol Police, though, were unable to confirm the email led to the arrest, pending the unsealing of a criminal complaint in San Diego tomorrow.

According to the FBI press release, Sherbow, 43, was arrested in Tijuana, Mexico, by Policia Estatal Preventiva and the Baja California State Police Fugitive Unit, under a federal arrest warrant. Sherbow was turned over to FBI agents in San Diego, Calif., late yesterday. He is scheduled to have his initial court appearance tomorrow in San Diego, said a spokeswoman of the U.S. Attorney’s office there. The FBI said Shernow will then have to go to Washington, D.C., to face the outstanding charge of transmission of threats in interstate commerce. Pending the court appearance, it was unclear if Sherbow would be taken to Washington, D.C. in the custody of the U.S. Marshall. 

Gabbard spokeswoman Heather Fluit had no comment on the arrest other than to express gratitude to law enforcement authorities.

According to an Aug. 6 article in the Hawaii Reporter, Gabbard obtained a three-year restraining order against Sherbow in 2011 after she told the media he threatened and harassed her. At the time, Gabbard was serving on the Honolulu City Council.

However, the newspaper reported that Sherbow told them in an August 6 email: “I was never actually served with the restraining order. There was no bail and no case. Thrown out. I actually tok(sic) Tulsi to task about her lack of responsiveness, which many people have complained about. But she couldn’t say that, so she made it sound like I threatened her.”

The Reporter also said that Sherbow had moved out of the United States. FBI Special Agent Tom Simon told Civil Beat he lived in Tijuana at the time of the arrest.

Stone also said, “The FBI hopes that this arrest will give Representative Gabbard some peace of mind and a greater feeling of safety as she represents the people of Hawaii in Congress.”

Photo: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. (AFGE)

—Kery Murakami