Just three months ago, Civil Beat wrote about complaints to the Hawaii Department of Transportation regarding translations of driver’s license exams.

Our story, Does Hawaii’s Drivers Test Still Disenfranchise Immigrants?, chronicled the efforts of faith-based groups and others to get the exams translated into Marshallese, Chuukese and Ilocano. After all, the DOT was working to provide translations into eight other languages including Japanese and Tagalog

The DOT didn’t heed the complaints, however, and on Friday (Sept. 6) Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE) and two Hawaii residents filed a federal court class-action lawsuit against the DOT alleging discrimination.

A press conference is set for 2 p.m. at the Capitol. Should the DOT issue a response to the lawsuit, we will report what they have to say.


Photo: Marshallese and Chuukese after delivering a petition to the Maui DOT, April 30, 2013. (FACE)

—Chad Blair