Hawaii Rep. Bob McDermott tried and failed again to override the state Department of Education’s sex education curriculum known as Pono Choices. 

The Republican representative, who was a staunch opponent of the Legislature’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage last fall, introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 2288 on the House floor on Tuesday morning that aimed to bar the DOE from describing the anus as a sexual organ in its sex education program for middle-schoolers. 

Debate amongst lawmakers who disagreed on the amendment disrupted the session so much that Vice-Speaker John Mizuno had to call for a recess twice to resolve personal disputes between members.

The amendment ultimately failed with just seven of the 51 members voting in favor of it. The House passed SB 2288, which revises the law governing the DOE for housekeeping purposes.

While unsuccessful, the amendment and the ensuing fireworks entertained people watching in the chamber and online. 

One tweet about the amendment read: “New drinking game: Every time the #hileg Reps say “anus” on the house floor today! #5oclocksomewhere #ponochoices” 

Check later for more details about the debate and a full recap of the House and Senate sessions. 

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Photo: Rep. McDermott discussing Pono Choices (PF Bentley/Civil Beat)

— Anita Hofschneider