Slate magazine has published a series of maps showing the most common causes of death for people in the various states.

The data comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most of it from 2008 but some of it is as old as 2005.

Still, it’s pretty revealing.

Heart disease and cancer, the top two leading causes of deaths in every state, account for more deaths than the next eight causes of death combined,” according to Slate writer Ben Blatt.

Slate death map


For Hawaii, stroke is the next-most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

Oddly, Hawaii disproportionately suffers from death by septicemia where bodies have a severe response to bacteria or other germs — blood poisoning, by another name. Nevada, Texas and several Deep South states also suffer from this disease.

By other measures, however, Hawaii fares better than many states. For example, we have fewer deaths caused by accidents, pneumonia, kidney disease and diabetes.

All told, the various causes of death are lowest in Minnesota, highest in Alabama.


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