The price tag is rising for Kauai County’s defense of its new law requiring greater disclosure of GMO farming and pesticide use by biotechnology companies.

The Garden Island reported Monday that the county wants the County Council to approve an additional $50,000 to defend against the lawsuit filed by Syngenta, DuPont Pioneer and Agrigenetics Inc. of Dow AgroSciences.

Syngenta headquarters on Kauai. 3.23.14 Photo by Nick Grube/Civil Beat

The Syngenta headquarters on Kauai.

Nick Grube/Civil Beat

The seed companies sued the county in January in response to Ordinance 960, which mandates a study of the environmental and health impact of the biotechnology industry; imposes buffer zones for pesticide spraying; and requires disclosure of significant use of restricted pesticides as well as the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

The County Council will vote on the additional funding on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, a U.S. District Court judge plans to take up the case again in a summary judgment hearing that will determine whether or not the case moves forward.

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