Civil Beat surveyed 1,240 registered voters statewide July 24-28 using interactive voice response technology (touch-tone polling). Of those, 895 said they were likely to vote in the Democratic primary.

Using those numbers for likely Democratic voters, the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s polls have a margin of error of 3.3 percent.

The margin of error for the U.S. Senate poll is 3.3 percent. It’s 4.5 percent for the 1st Congressional District.

Calls were made to landline and cell phones. Cell phones were contacted in compliance with federal law.

Results were balanced for age, gender, ethnicity and phone type.

Civil Beat poll U.S. Senate trend line July 2014

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz has maintained a near constant lead over U.S.. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa since 2013.

Nick Grube/Civil Beat

The poll was conducted by Civil Beat working with Merriman River Group, a full-service consulting organization specializing in opinion research, election management, and communications. (Read our accompanying story, The Civil Beat Poll: How We Do It, for a detailed look at our polling methodology.)

The full poll questionnaires and results are posted below. (Note: The 1st Congressional District results are not complete. The file will be updated Tuesday.)