For a third time this week, a Maui ocean user encountered a shark in murky water. This one happened today around 10 a.m.

That’a according to officers for the Department of Land and Natural Resources’s Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (aka DOCARE), who report that two women from Kihei — ages 53 and 46 — “were about 200 yards off Waipuilani Beach Park, stand-up paddle boarding in five to six feet of water when one saw a shark approaching the other’s board.”

DLNR explains that one of the women said a tiger shark knocked her friend into the water “when it bit the tail part off her board, and that she only saw the shark’s dorsal fin and head, which she believes was about two feet wide.”

shark teeth marks on a board

The roughed up board.


DOCARE officers closed the area from the old pier across from the old Suda Store to Kalama Beach Park.

The incident follows two other shark incidents this week. All three happened in water turned brown or murky by Hurricane Ana.

“We are fortunate that no one was hurt in any of these encounters,” said DLNR Chair William Aila. “They should serve as a reminder to stay out of areas that continue to experience runoff and murky water.”


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