For those interested in the election generally  — and that’s practically everyone, no? — check out the Statewide Power Ballot that provides helpful information about all the candidates and ballot measures for Hawaii’s general election.

It’s easy to use and very helpful. For example, you may know that Democrat incumbent Brian Schatz and Republican challenger Cam Cavaso are running for the U.S. Senate. The Power Ballot reminds voters about a third candidate in that race, Libertarian Michael Kokoski.

The Power Ballot includes links to other sites with information about Kokoski, such as Project Vote Smart (which lists an email for Kokoski), Follow the Money (which reveals he has raised no money) and Civil Beat’s Q&A with the candidate (which notes that Kokoski seeks an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act).

The Power Ballot is for informational purposes only and can’t be used to officially vote in the general election. There are also no endorsements of any candidate or party. Candidate information is gathered from public websites and documents.

Kudos to Royce A. Jones, web guy Jason Axelson and Corie Tanida of Common Cause Hawaii and volunteers Christine Trecker, Connie Clinton, Dustin Schoedel, Jeanne Ohta and Joe Heaukulani for the many hours doing the candidate research that make the Power Ballot possible.

Statewide Power Ballot

Screen shot of the Power Ballot.

Statewide Power Ballot


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