Editor’s Note: This commentary is in response to a Civil Beat Fact Check.

Mark Takai voted in favor of the pension tax.  That’s a statement of fact.

I served in the State House with Takai in 2011 and I was with him when he voted on first, second and third/final reading to pass the House pension tax bill.  Takai voted for the Abercrombie pension tax and knew he was voting to institute a pension tax at the time the vote was taken on third and FINAL reading in the State House.

Pension Tax attack ad Takai Djou


What makes this even more disappointing is that Takai actually ran a TV commercial claiming he opposed the pension tax “every time.”  This is false and Takai knows it.

The fact is that Mark Takai first voted in favor of the pension tax bill (HB1092) on first reading on January 26, 2011.  Takai then voted again in favor of HB1092 HD1 on second reading on March 4, 2011.  And then he voted a third time in favor of the pension tax bill (HB1092 HD1) on third and final reading on March 8, 2011.

With Takai’s vote on March 8, 2011, the State Senate could have then adopted the State House’s version of the bill and sent the measure to Gov. Abercrombie for signature.  This March 8, 2011 vote would then stand as the final vote Takai took on the pension tax issue.  At no time did Takai ever vote against HB 1092.

Only after substantial protest by the senior community, did Takai flip his position on the pension tax and oppose the Senate bill, SB570.  This is far from Takai’s claim of opposing the pension tax “every time.”

The statement that Mark Takai voted for the pension tax is a simple fact and the plain truth.  Nothing deceptive about it.

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