The gun-rights group The Truth About Guns is riled up about legislation pending before the Hawaii state Legislature regarding permit applications.

Senate Bill 783, introduced by Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, would require the following if passed:

Specifies that an additional penalty for refusal to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test and requires the surrender of all firearms and ammunition within possession. Requires firearms permit application forms to be accompanied by an affirmation that neither the applicant nor any family or household member is or has been diagnosed with or treated for certain mental disorders and that if the applicant or family or household member is subsequently diagnosed, the applicant shall lock and secure or surrender all firearms and ammunition within 48 hours. … Specifies failure to pay child or spousal support as a good cause for revocation of a firearm permit or license. …

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In a web posting Wednesday, The Truth About Guns writes, “TTAG tipster CF sent us a heads-up on new gun control legislation wending its way through The Aloha State’s notoriously anti-gun legislature. The endlessly beleaguered Hawaii State Rifle Association calls SB 783 ‘the worst bill of the decade.'”

TTAG adds, “And here’s the really, really galling bit: Law enforcement officers are exempted from all provisions. More gun-related civil rights trouble in Paradise. Good luck to the PoTG fighting the statists in America’s 50th state.”

UPDATE I’m told by a reader that PoTG is an acronym that means “People of The Gun” and “is tribal in nature.”

SB 783 is scheduled for a public hearing Thursday at the Capitol.

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