The Center for Public Integrity has compiled a list of the top donors to the groups “pushing and fighting” statewide ballot measures in 2014, and Hawaii was one of those states.

The National Education Association, a labor union based in Washington, D.C., representing public school employees, spent $510,000 to defeat constitutional ballot question No. 4, which called for allowing public funds to be used for private pre-school.

The NEA was successful, as the measure failed by a large margin.

Voting booths 2014 general election

Voting at Manoa Elementary School in 2014.

Brian Tseng/Civil Beat

To determine the 50 “mega-donors” behind the measures, the Center for Pubic Integrity analyzed state campaign finance filings from 85 ballot measure committees nationwide. The NEA was mega-donor No. 34.

Hawaii’s teachers union and David Ige, the winner of the gubernatorial election, also opposed question No. 4.

Also of note: The Omidyar Family Trust gave $350,000 to Good Beginnings Alliance, a PAC that unsuccessfully tried to persuade voters to approve the measure. Pierre Omidyar is the publisher of Civil Beat.

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