The administration of David Ige says it is a priority to make state government “more efficient, especially in the procurement of goods and services and the hiring of personnel.”

In one instance, at least, the governor’s office appears to be a bit too efficient.

As of midday Thursday, Carleton Ching was identified as the chairperson of the Department of Land and Natural Resources on the official website that lists the governor’s Cabinet:

Ching DLNR screen shot

Screen shot, 12:30 p.m., March 5.

Ige Administration

Problem is, Ching has not yet been confirmed by the state Senate. In fact, he hasn’t even had a hearing yet.

(The Water and Land Committee will hold its first public hearing on the Ching nomination next Wednesday morning.)

Asked about the premature listing of Ching as DLNR boss, a spokeswoman for Ige told Civil Beat Thursday that the website would be corrected.

It was, and within minutes of our notification. Now, that’s government efficiency:

corrected Ching Cabinet list

Screen shot, 1:05 p.m., March 5.

Ige Administration

Problem is, Kekoa Kaluhiwa has not yet been confirmed by the Senate, either, nor received a public hearing on his nomination.

The administration says it’s working on updating the Cabinet list to accurately reflect who is officially on board.

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