Courthouse News Service has this story on how attorneys who represented De-Occupy Honolulu in an illegal seizure claim will receive $80,000 in fees and expenses. Excerpt:

U.S. District Judge J. Michael Seabright on March 9 awarded $79,687 to De-Occupy’s attorneys.

The attorneys sought $220,101.

From February to November 2012 city police conducted raids in downtown Thomas Square, seizing and detaining De-Occupy members and their properties.

The group sued the city in December that year, asking the court to strike down the city’s Stored Property Ordinance, and damages. The law allows city officials to seize personal belongings from public property after providing 24-hour notice.

De-Occupy asserted 14 causes of action but failed to succeed on any of them.

Seabright adopted U.S. Magistrate Judge Kevin Chang’s recommendation after the district court carried out an independent review due to objections from both parties. …

De-Occupy Honolulu was represented by Brian Brazier and Richard Holcomb.

occupy anniversary 3

A De-Occupy Honolulu camp at Thomas Square.

Ed White/Civil Beat


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