Wednesday is the 30th day of the 60-day 2015 Hawaii Legislature, the day the budget crosses over from the House to the Senate.

It’s also the same day that four state House representatives will gather in the evening at Mandalay Restaurant to raise campaign cash.

Those legislators are Sylvia Luke (chairwoman of House Finance, which crafts the budget), Scott Nishimoto (chairman of Legislative Management and vice chairman of Finance), Mark Nakashima (chairman of Labor and Public Employment) and Aaron Ling Johanson, a former Republican who now sits as a Democrat on Finance as well as Labor and Public Employment.

Each representative is asking for contributions of $100 per donor. What the contributors might ask in return — e.g., support for a bill, pay raises for public employees, a special purpose revenue bond for a project — is not known, at least to me.

Of note: Mandalay is so close to the Hawaii State Capitol that you can almost hit it with a well-thrown egg roll.

Dollars on a plate

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