The Hawaii Tribune-Herald has this item about more protests on Mauna Kea. Excerpt:

Construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope ground to a halt Monday as more than 50 protesters formed a roadblock outside the Mauna Kea visitor center.

Calling the $1.4 billion project a desecration of the mountain, the activists marched back and forth across the Mauna Kea Access Road, making sure to stay within the crosswalk.

About 15 vehicles transporting workers up the mountain were blocked as a result, though the protesters allowed visitors and other telescope operators through.

The mood at the protest was upbeat, with contemporary and traditional Hawaiian songs filling the mountain air. More than a dozen police officers looked on but took no action against the demonstration. …

The mostly Native Hawaiian protesters, the Tribune-Herald reports, said their message was “about aloha and not anger toward the workers.”

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