It should be a swell happy hour at Ferguson’s Irish Pub in downtown Honolulu on Wednesday night.

That’s where Hawaii state Reps. Richard OnishiBert KobayashiTakashi OhnoNicole Lowen, Justin Woodson and Richard Creagan will be.

Suggested donations start at $50.

Dollars on a plate

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The fundraising get-together comes one day before the 26th day of the 2015 legislative session, the “first crossover” or halfway point for bills.

Not making the cut: Senate Bill 224, which would have prohibited legislators from holding fundraisers during the regular legislative session. It never received a hearing in Gil Keith-Agaran’s Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee.

Also dead: House Bill 327, which did make it by Karl Rhoads’ House Judiciary Committee but never received a hearing in Sylvia Luke’s House Finance Committee.

The House measure, as amended, would have prohibited legislators and persons acting on behalf of legislators from holding any fundraiser or receiving campaign contributions during selected times of any regular legislative session.

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