In honor of April 20 — or 4/20, to those in the know — there is a lot of pakalolo-related content floating around the Internet.

That includes our new Civil Beat Poll on how we feel about medical marijuana dispensaries (good) and legalizing the bud (not good).

After you’ve read that story, take a gander at this story titled 24 maps and charts that explain marijuana.

The Economist map on marijuana

The Economist

“People have been growing and using marijuana for thousands of years,” Vox reports. “Ancient texts praised the plant for its versatility — it was used for its psychoactive and medical effects and to make clothes and paper. But in 1934, the US effectively banned the plant with strict taxes and regulations — a prohibition that, despite some major changes to the regulatory model, remains to this day.”

Of course, things are beginning to turn: “public support for marijuana legalization in the US is at an all-time high. And in 2014, voters in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC, approved legalization.”


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