The Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shinbun has an interesting piece about Hawaii Sen. Glenn Wakai meeting his birth mother after nearly 50 years.

The article explains he was born Mitsuru Shimabukuro in Japan and adopted by a Japanese-American couple living in Hawaii when he was a year and a half.

Here’s an excerpt from the story describing his reunion with his birth mother:

state Sen. Glenn Wakai

Wakai, 48, recognized his deep similarities with Yoko almost immediately.

“When we met at the airport, I could see all my traits came from her — short, personable and talkative,” Wakai said.

Yoko could not stop crying as she apologized to Wakai for not being able to raise him herself. However, Wakai held only thankfulness toward her for bringing him into this world.

“I feel much better knowing I was a treasure,” Wakai told her. “I am eternally grateful you gave birth to me.”

Wakai, who represents the 15th state Senate district from Kalihi to Pearl Harbor, is chair of the Senate’s Committee on Economic Development and Technology.

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