A notice of election to eligible Native Hawaiian voters will be sent out Monday.

The reason, according to a press release, is to inform the voters of details on participating in a constitutional convention for self-governance.

Election-America, a private elections company, will send out the notices. The vendor was hired by Na‘i Aupuni, an independent nonprofit overseeing the elections

It’s estimated by Na‘i Aupuni that 95,690 Native Hawaiians have been certified by the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission to participate in the elections.

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The commission operates separately from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, a quasi-state agency tasked with the care and perpetuation of the indigenous population and its culture. But Hawaiians can register through an OHA website registry.

The filing deadline for Hawaiians to run for the “con con” is Sept. 15. Those who have not registered yet but want to vote in the elections have until Oct. 15, 2015 to register.

“Na‘i Aupuni encourages all Native Hawaiians to participate in this historic opportunity,” says the press release.

Registrants must be descendants of the aboriginal peoples who lived in the Hawaiian islands prior to Western contact 1778, and must declare their allegiance to Hawaii sovereignty and community.

Last week, Judicial Watch announced that it had obtained what it calls “the race-based enrollment list of native Hawaiians” created in accordance with the Kana‘iolowalu, the “controversial racial registration campaign” run by the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission.

The list was obtained via court order. The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, a Libertarian-learning nonprofit that argues Kana‘iolowalu is unconstitutional, partnered with Judicial Watch on getting the roll list.

Election results will be announced Dec. 1. It’s not yet clear when the con con will be held.

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