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Now, Hawaii residents have the option to register to vote online.

The state Office of Elections and offices of the four county clerks announced the news Tuesday. It’s open only to residents with a Hawaii driver’s license or ID.

“It’s another option,” said Rex Quidilla, the state’s voter services section head. “The goal of our office is to provide accessible voter services and we hope that this new online service helps to achieve this goal.”

online voter registration screen shot

Online voter registration in Hawaii is available in several languages.

Hawaii Office of Elections

The service also allows voters to update their voter information and request a permanent absentee ballot.

(I have one, and I haven’t had to stand in line on election day for years now; I’m usually working that day anyway.)

The online system was built “to ensure that only persons providing verifiable identification are able to register online. All online submissions will go through the same verification process as paper applications,” says a press release.

Residents not eligible to use the online system can still register to vote by good, old-fashioned paper applications submitted to the appropriate clerk’s office.

Among those pleased with the new system is the League of Women Voters of Hawaii.

“Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act,” Ann Shaver, League president, said in an statement. “The League honors the original provisions of this Act, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate this anniversary than for unregistered eligible citizens to register to vote.”

Also rolling out in 2016 will be the option to register to vote at early voting sites up to 10 days before Election Day. By 2018, same-day voter registration is expected to be available.

To register to vote online, or to obtain a Voter Registration and Permanent Absentee Application, click here.

For more information about registering to vote, visit that website or call (808) 453-VOTE (8683).

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