Tulsi Gabbard, the Democrat from Hawaii in the U.S. House of Representatives, wants to see more presidential debates for her party’s candidates.

Gabbard posted that position on her campaign website Wednesday. It’s a joint statement from her and R.T. Rybak, a former mayor of Minneapolis and vice chair of the Democratic National Committee along with Gabbard.

Rybak’s and Gabbard’s statement says in part:

We believe that the DNC’s decision to limit Presidential candidates to six debates, with a threat of exclusion for any candidate who participates in any non-DNC sanctioned debate, is a mistake. It limits the ability of the American people to benefit from a strong, transparent, vigorous debate between our Presidential candidates. …

We are calling for several more debates than the six currently scheduled, and withdrawing the proposed sanctions against candidates who choose to participate in non-DNC sanctioned debates. We also encourage the DNC to consider additional ways to jointly showcase our candidates across the country. …

By limiting Democratic debates to just six, more people will feel excluded from our political process, rather than included. As Democrats, we believe the more people are engaged in the process and the exchange of ideas, the better off we are as a nation.

Left, Representative Randy Forbes,  Representative Tulsi Gabbard and right Senator Brian Schatz before start of the 70th annivesary to the end of World War II aboard the USS Missouri. Honolulu , Hawaii. 2 sept 2015. photograph Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Rep. Randy Forbes, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Brian Schatz before the start of the 70th anniversary to the end of World War II aboard the USS Missouri, Sept. 2.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The first debate for Democratic candidates is set for Oct. 13 on CNN in Nevada.

The top candidate is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, although Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is polling well in some states. Vice President Joe Biden is also weighing jumping into the race that features several other lower-tier Democrats.

The second debate featuring the top-polling Republican presidential candidates is set for Sept. 16 on CNN in California. Nine more debates are scheduled for the GOP.

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