Americans for Safe Access released its Medical Marijuana Access in the U.S.: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws Tuesday.

The annual report evaluates “the array” of differing state medical cannabis programs across the country “from a perspective often overlooked in policy debates: the patients’ and provides policy makers with model legislation and regulations.”

How did Hawaii do? We received a grade of B.

Hawaii scored well in categories for patient rights, functionality, ease of navigation and access to medicine cannabis and/or cannabis products.

marijuana bud

We did less well when it comes to consumer safety and provider requirements.

The report comes as many legislatures, including Hawaii’s, are looking to fine-tune existing med pot laws.

Here’s the full list of letter grades for states that allow medical pot:

Alaska (D-), Arizona (B-), California (B+), Colorado (B), Connecticut (C+), Delaware (C), Hawaii (B), Illinois (B+), Maine (B-), Maryland (B), Massachusetts (B), Michigan (D+), Minnesota (C), Montana (D-), Nevada (B), New Hampshire (C), New Jersey (C), New Mexico (B+), New York (C), Oregon (B), Rhode Island (C-), Vermont (D+), Washington (B+), and the District of Columbia (C).

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