An analysis of which states are most heavily dependent on the gun industry for jobs and political contributions and influence of gun supporters and gun control advocates ranks Hawaii in the bottom eight, with negligible impact from the firearms economy or its politics.

The WalletHub inquiry ranked states on eight metrics, raning from number of firearms industry jobs per capita to background checks per capita for gun sales. WalletHub analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across eight key metrics. Each metric was given a value, and allowed analysts to compute a weighted average across all metrics for each states.

Hawaii ranked 46th or lower nationally on all the metrics except for “gun control contributions to congressional members per capita,” where it popped up in 29th place. That measure is the only one of the eight that speaks to efforts to check the influence of the gun lobby or that could lead to lower firearms sales.

Source: WalletHub

Hawaii ranked lowest among all state and the District of Columbia in “total firearms industry output per capita,” second-lowest in “average wages and benefits in the firearms industry” and 49th in background checks.

Hawaii consistently shows up in other measures as the state with the lowest rate of gun deaths, even though its rate of gun ownership grew by 300 percent between 2000 and 2014. In fact, the ratio of guns to people in the Aloha State is roughly 1:1.

But Hawaii residents are also protected by gun laws that are considered among the nation’s toughest and the state’s island status — the latter helpful in keeping illegal firearms from entering Hawaii from other states.

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