Democrat Lorraine Inouye was not alone when she held a campaign fundraiser Tuesday night at Mandalay in downtown Honolulu.

It turns out that Sens. Donovan Dela Cruz and Michelle Kidani were on hand as well, and also asking for donations of $150.

Sounds like good fun.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ty Cullen is holding a fundraiser of his own Wednesday night at Oahu Country Club.

The suggested contribution is $150.

Dollars on a plate

Cullen and Dela Cruz are up for re-election this year, but Kidani is not.

Wednesday, by the way, is the 22nd day of the 60-day Hawaii Legislature.

It’s a time when a whole lot of people, many with a whole lot of money, seek to influence a whole lot of legislation.

Hence, the holding of a whole lot of fundraisers during session.

But you already knew that.



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