As of Saturday, a new YouTube clip praising Bernie Sander’s leadership had posted nearly 13,000 hits and hundreds of likes.

Not bad for a song and video produced by Hawaii entertainer and activist Makana and uploaded just a few days ago.

Fire Is Ours” stars Makana singing about his disappointment with the current state of politics in the country.

Sample lyric:

“And I feel the burn for someone who can’t be bought, to back the man who’s fought for the people of America.”

Reached by phone Saturday in Los Angeles, Makana said, “It’s all organic now. It’s not a Britney Spears video, it’s a political video. We tried to make it as musical and artistic and cinematic as possible.”

Makana’s main purpose for doing the song and video was to comment on the “corrupted state of the mainstream media” and “to make a serious commentary on voter disenfranchisement in a system that is gamed by big money.”

Makana made the video with a producer friend and says he is not connected to the Sanders campaign. But word has got back to him that they know about the video and are reviewing it.

The musician also says he’ll be a guest on Fox & Friends this Monday — “which I find amazing,” he said.

Bart Dame, the authorized representative for the Sanders campaign in Hawaii, helped pass the video up the food chain. He said he hoped it would spark turnout in the Hawaii Democratic Caucus (also called a presidential preference poll) on March 26.

It’s a tough time to attract attention, Dame said, squeezed between the Good Friday holiday and Easter Sunday.

Sanders is an independent senator from Vermont. His opponent, as we all know, is Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, senator from New York and First Lady.

This is not the first time Makana has been politically active.

For example, in 2011 he caused a stir when he sang a song of protest before President Barack Obama and other world leaders art the APEC meeting in Honolulu.

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