Tuesday is the 21st day of the Hawaii Legislature’s 60-day session.

Lawmakers are hard at work hearing bills, writing legislation and working with constituents.

Some are also busy raising campaign funds. In fact, one senator and eight representatives will be seeking donations later Tuesday.

On the House side, Reps. Richard Creagan, Kaniela Ing, Justin Woodson, Sylvia Luke, Nicole Lowen, Takashi Ohno and Bert Kobayashi are getting together at the Hawaii State Art Museum.

Feb. 23, 2016, joint fundraiser for House reps

Donations start at $50, but several of the lawmakers indicate they will accept more.

An eighth legislator, Rep. Richard Onishi, is said to be raising money with his colleagues, but there was no filing with the state Campaign Spending Commission as of late Monday.

Meanwhile, state Sen. Lorraine Inouye will hold a fundraiser of her own at Mandalay, where she is asking for $150 contributions.

It is not — repeat, not — illegal to raise money during legislative session. For some reason.

A good reason not to give

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