Former U.S. Rep. Charles Djou says Hawaii voters should reject the candidacy of New York real estate mogul Donald Trump for president.

In an “open letter” to island Republicans Monday, Djou said:

Because I believe the beauty of our country comes from individual Americans, not from a regulation or government building, I have voted Republican for President my entire adult life.

Donald Trump’s candidacy, however, is inconsistent with my values and I am unable in good conscience to vote for him. 

Djou’s comments come one day before Hawaii is to host a GOP presidential caucus. His views echo the recent comments of former GOP nominees Mitt Romney and John McCain, views being expressed at #NotTrump.

Charles Djou during a Civil Beat Editorial Board on October 7, 2014
Congressional candidate Charles Djou during an interview with Civil Beat, Oct. 2014. PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Djou said:

I recognize Mr. Trump has tapped into a legitimate concern in America that too many of our citizens feel ignored by government and left out by the economy. After years of inaction in Obama’s Washington, too many of our fellow citizens are frustrated by our political institutions today. This is a theme that has found rich resonance with so many Americans on the right and left, from Mr. Trump to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist.

Yet, rather than channel this authentic frustration into a constructive force to better our wonderful nation, Mr. Trump has built his presidential campaign around ugliness and anger. …

It is because I love our country and I am an American before I am a Republican, I will not vote for Donald Trump — not in tomorrow night’s caucus, nor in any election.

Djou is supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

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