Ted Cruz Hawaii announced Sunday that the only Republican serving in the state Senate wants Ted Cruz to be president.

Sam Slom said the Texas senator is “the right candidate” to face Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The endorsement comes as Slom’s previous preferred candidate, retired surgeon Ben Carson, called it quits last week.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Flickr: Gage Skidmore

It also comes two days before the local GOP holds its presidential caucus.

“After eight long years of Barack Obama’s failed policies, I want someone in the White House who respects the presidency, who respects the American people, and who respects the U.S. Constitution,” Slom said in a statement.

“Ted Cruz will excel on all those points and more. I urge my fellow Republicans in the Aloha State to join me in supporting consistent conservative Texas senator Ted Cruz to become our party’s nominee and become the forty-fifth president of the United States.”

Slom was rushed to a hospital from the Capitol on Friday but is said to be recuperating and expected to return to work this week.

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