A controversial CNN report that Marco Rubio will soon quit the presidential race for fear of losing his home state of Florida on March 15 is playing out locally.

The Ted Cruz Hawaii team sent out an email blast Monday titled “Big Trouble for Marco Rubio — Advisors Tell Him to Drop Out.”

“According to multiple news sources, Marco Rubio’s advisers are telling him to drop out of the presidential race before losing his home state of Florida in a few days time,” the email stated.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Flickr: Gage Skidmore

Tuesday morning, on the same day that Hawaii Republicans are set to caucus for president, Rubio’s team countered the rumors.

An email from the campaign said, “Caught in the act. Once again, the Cruz campaign is using a bogus story from CNN to spread false rumors that a candidate is dropping out.”

Joe Pounder, Rubio spokesperson, elaborated: “Senator Cruz is up to his dirty tricks again spreading false rumors and lies. We won’t allow him to do to Marco Rubio in Florida what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa. Floridians and voters across the country will reject Senator Cruz’s campaign of disgusting tactics because they know a vote for Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump.”

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