It must be hard for Trader Joe’s to fathom its slide from the most popular supermarket in the United States down to third place, according to a recent customer loyalty survey.

Okay, the company remains very popular on the mainland thanks to its generally healthy, fun and affordable products, but seeing the discount megastore Wegmans and the employee-owned market Publix get more love from customers might hurt.

So it is worth reminding the company that Hawaii has plenty of consumer love to give — especially since neither of those other companies have a presence in the islands.

Trader Joe’s would have to take the plunge and open in the islands, where food prices are by far the highest in the nation.

With that in mind, I direct you to a column I wrote a while back about why Trader Joe’s — a company branded to Hawaiian motifs — should come to Hawaii.

Do you think it should?

A Trader Joe's in Sacramento, California.

A Trader Joe’s in Sacramento, California.

Slobo Mitic/Getty Images

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