It’s now been 55 days since President Obama selected someone to succeed the late Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court, and still Senate Republicans are refusing to hear and vote on Merrick Garland.

On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz met with Garland, who is chief judge of the D.C. Circuit Court.

“Chief Judge Garland and I had a productive discussion about his record and approach to the law, and it is clear to me that he is a well-qualified candidate for the Supreme Court,” he said in a press release. “While I was glad to hear from him personally, the American people deserve to hear from him too.”

Sen. Brian Schatz and Judge Merrick Garland in the senator's D.C. office Tuesday.
Sen. Brian Schatz and Judge Merrick Garland in the senator’s D.C. office Tuesday. Courtesy

The meeting comes as the judge has completed a Senate Judiciary Questionnaire.

These documents hold key information on his judicial philosophy, opinions, and experience,” said Schatz. “Every member of the Senate should read it. Now that we have these documents, it’s time for Senate Republicans to do their job, take the next step in the process, and give Chief Judge Garland a fair and timely hearing and vote.”

Senate Republican leaders say they will not consider a SCOTUS nominee until a new president is elected this November.

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