Keep spreading the word, and eventually information will surface.

That’s the message friends of Amber Jackson are sharing in efforts to find her killer. Jackson was a 57-year-old secretary for the Hawaii State Teachers Association in Kauai when she went missing six years ago Thursday. Her body was found in an area frequented by hikers in Anahola a few weeks later, with bruises pointing to an assault.

Since then, her friends and family have created the Amber Jackson Justice Group to bring awareness to the unsolved case.

Amber Jackson
The death of Amber Jackson is still being investigated six years after her body was found. We Can't Forget Amber Jackson/Facebook

“Being such a small island, we feel certain that somebody knows something,” said Teri Ceplo, Kauai resident and friend of Jackson.

The group continues to put up flyers and advertise a $20,000 reward for anyone who provides “information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible,” according to the flyer.

“After six years, and the fact that it’s a cold case, we really think someone outside the (police) agency should be involved,” said Ann Spaulding, a long-time friend of Jackson and media relations coordinator for the group.

Kauai Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar said the Kauai Police Department, which is the agency leading the investigation, often consults outside agencies. He said authorities prefer the term “unsolved homicide” because “cold case” is typically used for cases that are not being actively pursued.

“We recognize that, in our small community, we don’t ever forget about these cases because they touch so many of us here,” Kollar said. “We take them very seriously, and we will not stop working on the case until we have achieved justice for Amber.”

Jackson was from California and lived in Kauai for 10 years before her death.

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