Editor’s note: For Hawaii’s Aug. 13 primary election, Civil Beat asked candidates to answer some questions.

The following came from Tim Garry, one of 11 candidates for Honolulu mayor. The other candidates are Kurt Baker, Zachary Burd, Peter Carlisle, Charles Djou, Kirk Caldwell, Lawrence Friedman, Ernest CaravalhoRonald Hochuli, Lillian Hong and Mike Powers.

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Tim Garry
Tim Garry 

Name: Tim Garry

Office seeking: Honolulu mayor

Occupation: Retired businessman

Community organizations/prior offices held: Public watchdog

Age as of Aug. 13, 2016: 60

Place of residence: Honolulu

1. Which is closest to your choice for Honolulu rail: Kill the project? Modify the route? Find the additional money to build the project as planned? Explain your choice and what you would do to accomplish that.

Modify and simplify. Enjoin private capital. Ask for a federal, outside, audit, to find out where the excessive  increased cost overruns went. Also, look into the legacy costs of maintaining this in the future.

2. Is Honolulu growing in the right direction? What would you do to make it more livable?

We live on an island. When I first came to Oahu in 1974 , I think  there were 350,000 people. Now there are more than 1 million. An estimated 45,000 are here illegally. Almost all are leaders are proposing more growth.

We live on an island. We have to be careful. We don’t want to end up like Puerto Rico. I would completely overhaul the Department of Planning  and Permitting. Ask anyone who has dealt with this department their views of this debacle.

3. This year has seen an outsized influence from people who want big changes in how government is run. What would you do to change how the Mayor’s Office is run?

Complete transparency! Expanding the Ethics  Commission. Unions, large contractors, banks and large landowners have gotten their way for far too long. It is time someone looked out for the rest of us! I refuse to take contributions, will serve only one term and will donate the majority the of salary to charity.

4. Hawaii has long been dominated by the Democratic Party establishment. Should this change, and if so, how?

Of course! No society benefits from one-party rule! Common sense. Just look at any major city controlled  by the Democratic Party. People need to vote! Giddy-up!

5. What specific steps would you take to strengthen Hawaii’s lax lobbying, ethics and financial disclosure laws?

Have strict laws, with people to enforce them. Right now it is a joke! The public has no confidence  in our public leaders. Mayor Caldwell has basically, through his appointments, rendered the Ethics Commission  inept.

6. Would you support eliminating Honolulu’s high fees for access to public records when the request is in the public interest?

Of course!

7. Voters complain their elected officials don’t listen to them. What would you do to improve communication? 

Give them my phone number and email. And encourage them to visit me at the beach .

8. What do you see as the most pressing issue facing your district? What will you do about it?

There are many. But I believe the greatest is the lack of confidence in the leaders that have been around for years. The common verse I have heard in five months of talking story around the island is, “they are all corrupt.” I hope to change that mantra. I will do the right thing for the people of Oahu! Unbound to all the entities that have flooded our representatives and corrupted our system. Giddy-up! Get out and vote!