Editor’s note: For Hawaii’s Aug. 11 primary, Civil Beat asked candidates to answer some questions about where they stand on various issues and what their priorities will be if elected.

The following came from Raymond Vinole, a Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District, which covers urban Oahu. There are two other Republican candidates, Cam Cavasso and Emmanuel Tipon.

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Candidate for U.S. House District 1

Raymond Vinole
Party Republican
Age 53
Occupation Businessman
Residence Honolulu


Community organizations/prior offices held

Licensed Hawaii lobbyist; member, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary; founder and chairman, USA Outrigger National Team; member, Hawaii Kai Community Church; member, Hui Nalu Outrigger Canoe Team; founder, Eagle National Committee.

1. What would be your first priority if elected? How would that change if your party is in the majority? The minority?

Overturning abortion is my No. 1 initiative, which I will continue to do no matter what comes about during this election. And I will get abortion overturned in Hawaii.

2. Who would you support for Speaker of the House?

Someone as brilliant as President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan.

3. Under what circumstances should America go to war?

Last resort.

4. Should Facebook be regulated by the federal government? How?

No, entrepreneurs should be able to be in control of their own business affairs.

5. What should the United States do to control carbon emissions and slow climate change?

Reward solar energy power users and electric vehicles ownership with huge tax credits.

6. Is it time to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? How?

Expand services while reducing costs.

7. Congress has struggled in recent years to reach agreement on budget deficits, the national debt and spending in general. What would be your approach to fiscal matters?

First, overturn the Hawaii state of hate designation, “HCR-52” of 2017, which has 26 counts of hate against President Trump, so we can all work together.

8. Whatever happens in the midterm elections, Congress will remain deeply divided. What specifically would you do to help bridge the partisan divide in Washington?

In Washington, D.C., I already started the “Eagle National Committee,” in which “it takes a right wing and a left wing to fly the eagle”

I am also a witness for President Obama and President Trump regarding illegal electronic reverberations in California.

9. What should be done to reform U.S. immigration policies, if anything?

Enforce President Trump’s immigration policies 100 percent.

10. What is your view of the role of the U.S. military in the islands, and would you like to see that role increased or decreased?

As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, I have a positive view of the U.S. military in the islands and would like to see that role increased.

11. What specific reforms, if any, would you seek in gun control policies?

Enforce 2nd Amendment rights.

12. What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

Overturn gay marriage.