Editor’s note: For Hawaii’s Aug. 11 primary, Civil Beat asked candidates to answer some questions about where they stand on various issues and what their priorities will be if elected.

The following came from Arturo Reyes, a nonpartisan candidate for U.S. Senate. There are two other nonpartisan candidates, Charles Haverty and Matthew Kameeiamoku Maertens.

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Candidate for U.S. Senate

Arturo Reyes
Party Nonpartisan
Age 66
Occupation Retired, U.S. Navy
Residence Honolulu


Community organizations/prior offices held

Legal clerk, U.S. District Court and Traffic Court, combined federal campaign coordinator, UNESCO Operation Handclasp.

1. What would be your first priority if elected? 

Sponsor and pass a full gamut of federal laws making Hawaii the World Food Bank and foremost global food pantry  and sponsor a bill to have Amtrak build the interisland infrastructures on rapid mass transit. This is in consonance with the U.. Constitution, to improve commerce and trade, and is geared for maintainability and sustainabiity. Hawaii is 85 percent relying heavily on imports; and to date is only growing 15 percent of its local consumption. We need to rezone idle and barren unused unexploited valleys, forests and hills of Hawaii into resources catered for cattle raising, poultry farms,  livestock,  raising and producing them as foods, as well as developing high tech and highly industrialized planting, growing, nurturing and harvesting of fresh fruits and vegetable for world use!

2. Under what circumstances should America go to war?

At the calling and judgment of the commander-in-chief as advised by the national security staff advisors and the majority votes of all the Cabinet members of the chief executive and commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. Congressional interferences must be contained to be to support the commander-in-chief in terms of resourcing, not on military strategy!

3. Should Facebook be regulated by the federal government? How?

Not at all!

4. What should the United States do to control carbon emissions and slow climate change?

Nothing. Ninety-two percent of our global land mass had been devoted to forestry, national parks and wildlife preserves and green forest preservation, while only 8 percent of our land mass had been devoted to residential, industrial, commercial and business uses. Policymakers have restricted mankind enough to explore the unknowns!

Meanwhile, over 65 percent of our earth is comprised of untapped and uninhabited waters and oceans and seas! Why doodle with and stress ourselves with the forces of nature?

Lawmakers who are working to defy Mother Nature and the forces of nature are bunch of morons!

Recall Newton’s Law and recall the law of impenetrability and you will find out how stupid this question is! A wrong question deserves a wrong answer! And a wrong issue will yield stupid laws that belongs to the dogs!

5. Is it time to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? How?

Leave it alone and let it go forever till the end of time. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are works of genius that must not be tampered with! They were borne out of America’s Great Depression and they provided relief and economic support for all on a universal basis without regard to poverty!

6. Congress has struggled in recent years to reach agreement on budget deficits, the national debt and spending in general. What would be your approach to fiscal matters?

We have lots of jar heads and do nothing congressional delegations who do not know about the function of administration and management. People in the congressional position to do the functions of management in coordinating and communicating to the rest of the key players in our federal governments like the three major branches are not communicating their plan of action milestones as far as fiscal management. The results become catastrophic and not only budget deficits but a federal government shutdown.  These can be avoided if and when the key congressional committees of both the upper and lower houses coordinate ahead of time in getting inputs on budgetary fiscal matters for the five-year fiscal management plans of the central federal Government. That way the programs and platforms of the government are well communicated before anything else.

7. Whatever happens in the midterm elections, Congress will remain deeply divided. What specifically would you do to help bridge the partisan divide in Washington?

Work in rapport and harmony with everyone on issues that would allow us to be united like a team in a football or basketball game. Compromise. Take names and kick assess of those delegations whose allegiance and loyalty for the republic are under fire, and demand of every member of Congress the paramount important of cooperative management by objective in allegiance to support, defend the U.S. Constitution, and the loyalty to support the chief executive.

8. What should be done to reform U.S. immigration policies, if anything?

Abolish the Bureau of Immigration and the unfair U.S. immigration laws and regulations, and instill and re-enforce the messages and missions of the State Department. The freedom of travel is only being curtailed by prohibitive and restrictive U.S. immigration laws and rules and regulations.

Any restrictive immigration laws and regulations that curtail individual rights and freedom to travel and such restrictions and prohibitions are against the spirit and fundamentals of the U.S. Constitution and for being contrary to the Constitution, they must all be declared null and void!

9. What is your view of the role of the U.S. military in the islands, and would you like to see that role increased or decreased?

It should be increased. I desire to see the presence of all military bases and facilities on all islands of Hawaii with corresponding increase in building interisland bridges and mass transports to mobilize the troops and military at a short notice.

We cannot protect and defend 360 degrees of our territories if we do not have buffers to contain our jurisdiction.

10. What specific reforms, if any, would you seek in gun control policies?

Redefine the rights to bear arms as a privilege and the right to bear arms belong only to those who are working professionally to defend and protect our Constitution and by those who are in the militia or support groups to defend the Constitution, state, country and the rules of self defense in selected areas where threats to defend oneself is paramount!

11. What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

Provide homes and shelters for all and put zero tolerance on homelessness. Take care of the homeless in providing homes and shelters to every one of them, care and provide medical care for their well being and create a work force redevelopment program to infuse them as productive members of the community. The homelessness can be converted into a mega-trillion-dollar industry if America will provide to take care of our people.

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