If you have never voted in the election of Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustees, Sam King is the reason to do so now.

Whether you are Hawaiian by blood or Hawaiian at heart, your vote for Sam will help determine whether tens of thousands of Hawaii’s residents can obtain housing, jobs, education and health care.

For years, institutions designed to serve the Hawaiians have been plagued by fraud, waste or abuse. This has been the real bottleneck in getting resources to the people who need them. Sam W. King II is a bold reformer willing to push for the measures necessary to fix OHA.

OHA Candidate Samuel King III during forum held at the Windward Community College campus.
OHA candidate Samuel Wilder King II. Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2018

In contrast to his opponents, Sam is the only candidate for the OHA Oahu trustee seat courageous enough to call for the removal of the current OHA CEO and resignation of trustees who have abused their spending privileges. And Sam is demanding that OHA trustees quit stalling and make good on their promise to provide the public with an independent audit of OHA for fraud, waste and abuse. 

Another reason all people of Hawaii should consider Sam King is that he will fight hard to prevent OHA from dividing our society along the lines of race. Sam is proud to be Hawaiian and descended from a lineage that goes back to the early days of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

But Sam is also proud to be an American who sees Hawaii’s greatness as a true melting pot of all races. Sam King represents what most Hawaiians and residents want, which is for OHA to get out of the business of creating a race-based nation and, instead, use its resources to provide jobs, housing, education and health care.

The OHA election is too important for anyone to leave his or her ballot blank. In Sam King we have a great opportunity to serve the needs of the Hawaiian people while preserving the Aloha Spirit for all in the 50th state.  Sam and I agree that it’s time to stop dividing Hawaii’s people and start uniting!

Editor’s note: While the author is a trustee-at-large in the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, he writes in his capacity as a private citizen.

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