Editor’s note: For Hawaii’s Nov. 6 General Election, Civil Beat asked candidates to answer some questions about where they stand on various issues and what their priorities will be if elected.

The following came from Marissa Kerns, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. There are three other candidates, including Democrat Josh Green, Green Party candidate Renee Ing and nonpartisan candidate Paul Robotti.

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Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Marissa Kerns
Party Republican
Age 56
Occupation Business owner
Residence Waianae


Community organizations/prior offices held

Kapolei-Makakilo-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board, Ted Cruz presidential campaign Hawaii executive coordinator; President Trump Oahu, Hawaii sign-waving captain.

1. Homelessness continues to be a major problem in Hawaii. What specific proposals do you have to help reduce homelessness?

Cut taxes first, help the business community first. The Hawaii small business is the engine of the Hawaii economy, let them keep their money so they can hire more people, including the homeless.

2. What should be done to increase affordable housing, especially for the middle class? What could you as governor do specifically?

Cut taxes first, help the business community first. Fast-track approving new and existing home construction, fast-track approving low income housing construction only for the next four years. Convert to fee simple like the condo in Hawaii Kai. Stop the Hawaii greed. Political corruption!

3. Do you support or oppose holding a state constitutional convention? Why or why not?

I oppose con con. No way! We do not trust the Hawaii Democrat supermajority-controlled Legislature.  They just torpedoed the state of Hawaii constitution, reference to Senate Bill 2922.         

4. Do you support or oppose allowing citizens to put issues directly on the statewide ballot through an initiative process? Why or why not?

I only support the online legislative process. Hawaii must change its ways hiding dirty politics from the taxpayers, especially when introducing those new taxes and stupid regulations for high roller lobbyists. Every bill must be exposed to the public Hawaiian taxpayers or else we will expose them and put them on the spot!

5. Hawaii’s public records law requires that records be made available whenever possible. Yet state agencies often resist release through delays and imposing excessive fees. What would you do to ensure the public has access to government records?  

No more four four years of Democrats Ige and Hanabusa government! We do not trust our local government. They’re the deepest, biggest threat to our state. Democrat leadership is a big embarrassment, they’re hiding all of their dirty muddy swamp of corruption. They’re making those reports expensive because they’re hiding something and they’re not going to let the people know about their corruption. As-usual Hawaii government.

6. Illegal vacation rentals have proliferated throughout Hawaii. The state is not collecting tax revenue on many of these properties and residents worry about overcrowded neighborhoods and other problems. Do you see this as a problem given Hawaii’s booming visitor industry, and what do you propose to do about it?

There are so many legal local Airbnb operators. Who is helping the Hawaii tourism industry so that tourists can afford to come and visit Hawaii and don’t get ripped off and get busted up in Waikiki? Home-sharing business is very important, especially with all these bad reports about Hawaii is the most expensive place to live and run a business.

Home-sharing is another small business engine that generates income for middle class people of Hawaii. If the state is not collecting taxes, that’s not new because our Hawaii government is poorly run. No leadership and they must go away! Ige/Hanabusa are being run by the state union leaders and if we continue to let these Democrat career politicians to run our state, we’re all doomed! Innocent children of Hawaii, either Hawaiians or not, will suffer and will definitely pay for all the state union unfunded pensions, taxes and rail!

7. Is Hawaii managing its tourism industry properly? What should be handled differently?

State government leadership has no experience in running a business, again what’s new? It seems like it’s running but guess what? It’s probably another Ige sloppy move to have his political union friends get tourism jobs. Hawaii has a big, huge nepotism problem in hiring state employees and appointing leaders. 

8. Do you support amending the state constitution to allow taxing investment properties to fund the public education system? How would you implement it if it passes?

No, I am opposing any new taxes for the next fouir years. Look now what happened to our Hawaiian taxpayer papaya exporters in the Big Island. It’s a disgrace.

9. Would you support using liquefied natural gas to generate electricity as the state transitions to renewable resources to supply power?

I am supporting a smart no-taxpayers-government-bailout for renewable sustainable energy or power sources.

10. What should Hawaii be doing to prepare for the effects of climate change, including sea level rise and threats to coral reefs?

As long as we the Democratic government is running our state nothing is going to change, all things will go down under the ocean.

11. The office of lieutenant governor is often viewed as irrelevant. What would you do to make it more productive?

I am the only candidate for lieutenant governor who is qualified to run our state. With my 30-plus years in private business sector I will definitely bring the result that our Hawaii taxpayers are looking for. From taking care of the dying small businesses, homeless, unemployed, fixed income, seniors, low income housing, crimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking, government entitlement abuse, broken education system, broken health care system, bankrupt rail, traffic, roads, highways, bridges, online government legislature, collection of unions dues for nonmembers, gambling, land zoning, construction and permitting backlogs, etc.

12. What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

Fix Hawaii election processes and leadership. Media must do their part to balance their reporting or else they will become part of the Hawaii Democrat machine who we cannot trust: irrelevant news media.

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