It’s the end of the infamously long wait in line for your license renewal.

Oahu residents are now offered the convenience of making an advance appointment to renew a driver’s license or state identification card and be done in under 30 minutes.

Appointment times are the latest customer-service offer to access basic government services more efficiently. Since introducing the new system in April of this year, it has been a game changer for those who use it, providing a quick and convenient way to do business.

The Kapolei Driver Licensing Center at 1000 Uluohia Street.

City and County of Honolulu Department of Customer Services

We’ve housed all the related tools you’ll need for success on one easy site ( where you can:

  • Access our interactive document guide and be comfortable that you have all the necessary documents in hand.
  • Make an appointment up to three months in advance at nine different locations across the island.
  • Find locations and hours. It may be helpful to know that our five driver licensing centers process only licenses and state IDs, so they have the capacity to handle more volume per day. Our Satellite City Halls manage a variety of city services, from vehicle registration and handicap placards, to dog licensing, bill payments and moped and bicycle registrations. Satellites manage a smaller percentage of license and ID renewals.
  • Access application forms and fill them out ahead of time for faster processing.
  • Cancel your unneeded appointment using the confirmation code provided when scheduling. You will help the next person needing an appointment.

When making an appointment on line or via your smartphone, you will be asked to enter a phone number.  The last four digits of that number will be your ticket number on site.

If it is text-capable, you will receive a text confirmation with a unique code. Save this. That text offers a quick one-click cancellation option at the bottom. Or print out the confirmation code online and save that.

Other helpful tips:

  • Bring a recent vision certificate from your eye doctor and avoid the onsite eye test.
  • Know that temporary paper cards are not acceptable as identification at U.S. airport security checkpoints. As it may take up to six weeks to receive your permanent card in the mail, plan your renewal around your trips. If you have not received your card by then, leave your name and contact info at 768-9128 and we’ll check on the status of your envelope. For security reasons, licenses and IDs cannot be mailed to business addresses and they cannot be forwarded to an alternate address. If you did not provide your primary residential address, as recognized by the U.S. post office, the card will be returned to us as undeliverable. You will need to make another visit bringing two new documents showing your valid address and pay $6 for the address to be updated and the card replaced.
  • A license or ID can be renewed six months in advance (still retaining your birthday expiration) so people are encouraged to schedule well ahead of time so the new card is receive before the old one expires. We all need less stress in our lives. Remember, state law does not allow you to drive with an expired license.

With an appointment, all the correct documents in hand along with a completed application form and arriving 10 minutes before your appointment, getting your driver license or state ID should be quick and easy.

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