Hawaii state health officials verified 66 new COVID-19 infections Tuesday, all on Oahu except for six on Hawaii island and one resident diagnosed out of state.

One new death on Oahu was reported by state officials. Hawaii County officials also reported another death at Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home in Hilo.

The state Department of Health has tallied 100 COVID-19 related fatalities in the islands to date. Due to reporting lags, the count still does not include most of the deaths associated with the veterans’ home.

A state coronavirus spokesman said the health department is still waiting on records for 25 possible COVID-19 related deaths across the state.

As of Tuesday, 14 people from Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home have died, according to Hawaii County Civil Defense.

The total number of residents at the home who have tested positive for the virus is 68. Of those residents, 34 are being cared for at the facility in a dedicated COVID-19 unit, four are being cared for at the hospital, and 17 have recovered.

“Based upon our contact tracing, we believe the virus entered the facility through an asymptomatic staff member who was exposed in the community and through a resident who was exposed at an outside dialysis appointment,” facility administrators wrote.

In the last month, 21 long term care facilities in the state have reported COVID-19 cases among residents or staff.

A federal surge testing program on Oahu ended Monday. More than 60,200 people were tested as of Monday afternoon, according to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

As of Sunday, 0.6% of surge tests had returned positive during the prior week.

For more information, check the Hawaii Department of Health COVID-19 site and the Hawaii Data Collaborative COVID-19 Tracking site.

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