New cases

Daily case counts are posted each day around 9 a.m. by Hawaii News Now. They are also available through the Hawaii Department of Health. 

Positivity rates

The percentage of tests that came back positive in the last week is available by county here

Vaccination rate 

State-level data on how many people have been vaccinated is updated Monday through Friday here. 


The Department of Health posts information about the age and race of people who have been diagnosed and hospitalized with COVID-19.

Case clusters

A weekly report summarizing where cases have been spreading is posted here.


The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency posts information on how many people are hospitalized — including the number of people in intensive care or on ventilators.


Surveys about mask use can be found here.

Economic impacts of COVID-19

The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism posts the number of daily passengers arriving in Hawaii, weekly summaries of unemployment claims and other economic indicators.


The state’s Safe Travels Data Platform includes information about how many people are arriving from out of state and how many of those people are able to bypass quarantine through pre-travel testing or other exemptions. 

Cases linked to travel 

Information about the percentage of cases that are related to travel versus community spread can be found here. 

National perspective

The New York Times has an excellent data page, with statistics about COVID-19 across the U.S. and around the world — including the number of cases and deaths per-capita.


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