My name is Seaula Jr. Tupai and I am running for lieutenant governor. I consider myself a statesman with an extraordinary vision for the state of Hawaii.

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For years, I’ve observed the widening gap and disconnect between our elected public servants and we, the people of Hawaii. And it’s sad to say that the common-sense approach to serving our people has taken a back seat as crimes, unemployment and inflation continue to rise.

With Hawaii being isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, our only choice is to work together as a unified ohana, for the common good — under a constitutional form of government that puts the rightful individuals in office.

Now, the ball is in our court. We can choose to remain in our current predicament or take a major course correction. I’d like our voters to contemplate what is at stake this coming primary election.

My platform issues are clear:

Faith And Family

Our constitutional freedom to exercise our faith has been suppressed in many ways. And the sanctity of our families — the very fabric of our society — has been defiled. Consequently, we’ve seen the ongoing erosion of our society.

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Action No. 1: Ensure that individuals as well as faith groups and organizations exercise their belief systems without government infringement.

Action No. 2: Protect parental rights from government control in raising their children in a safe and nurturing family environment.

Individual Liberty

Our Constitution upholds the rights and freedom of every individual.

Action No. 1: The state shall not deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process and equal protection by the law.

Action No. 2: Ensure that freedom of speech is upheld and that public servants hear the voice of their constituents by opening their line of communication through avenues such as regular public forums in our communities.

Action No. 3: We the people shall elect a constitutional sheriff to replace the governor-appointed state sheriff who is beholden to the governor and not to we the people.

Fiscal Accountability And Transparency

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We the people must ensure that our tax dollars are spent justly and equitably, to meet the needs of our communities.

Action No. 1: Perform ongoing audits on government spending at all levels and publicize reports.

Action No. 2: Prioritize government spending. Make the repair and maintenance of infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewage, water lines, power lines, telecommunication lines, etc.) a top priority.

Affordable Housing For Kamaaina

Hawaii ranks No. 1 as having the highest cost of living among our 50 states, thereby forcing many families to move to other states with lower costs of living. Ironically, with the droves of locals leaving, the houselessness issue remains a chronic state problem.

Action No. 1: Limit the number of out-of-state and foreign investors. Enforce strict investment regulations and higher taxes.

Action No. 2: Incentivize local home buyers through flexible income requirements and offering affordable mortgage loans and low interest rates.

Action No. 3: Build more affordable houses for first-time buyers.

Action No. 4: Send out-of-state houseless individuals back to their states of origin and bar them from coming back.

Intensify Job Growth Through Technology

Our state of Hawaii is rightly called the crossroads between Asia and the Americas due to its strategic location between the two continents.

Action No. 1: To augment our state revenues from tourism and our military, open our doors to outside investments in technology by offering business friendly atmosphere and tax incentives.

Action No. 2: Keep our own technical expertise here by hiring local techies first.

Action No. 3: Involve tech companies in life-enhancing community projects.

Top-Notch Educational System

Hawaii ranks at the lower half of the overall ranking among the 50 States.

Action No. 1: For public accountability, put candidates for the Board of Education on the ballot in lieu of governor appointments.

Action No. 2: Encourage and not criminalize parents in advocating for their children. Also, allow parents to actively participate in curriculum development and implementation. And hold parent-teacher community forums regularly.

Action No. 3: Allocate monies for a safe school security response system, to protect the lives of students and school personnel from intruders and criminals.

Action No. 4: Integrate courses on the Constitution and civic duties into American and Hawaiian history school curricula, from elementary grades to high school.

Action No. 5: Recruit top-notch teachers and provide them with ongoing training, as well as recognize and reward top performers monetarily.

Action No. 6: Revamp the state’s “one-size-fits-all” school system through school choice. Tap student potentials and interests by allowing them to attend the school of their choice, namely regular school, private school, magnet school, trade school, charter school, or home school.

Action No. 7: Reinvigorate the 4H Club and other after-school programs, to empower our youth to develop their potential and life skills.

Support Our Military And Law Enforcement

Our military and law enforcement keep us safe from foreign and domestic threats.

Action No. 1: Instill respect for our peacekeepers.

Action No. 2: Back the Blue. Defend and not defund the police. To attract and retain a solid police force, increase department budgets to pay for competitive salaries and update equipment and supplies. Provide for ongoing training. And reward top performers monetarily.

Action No. 3: Revive the community watch program wherein residents work hand in hand with the police, to keep their neighborhoods safe and free from crimes.

Support Local Businesses

Due to our geographical isolation from the mainland and the world at large, we must preserve, conserve and tap our natural resources by growing our own food and promoting cottage industries for our local market and export.

Action No. 1: Incentivize local farmers and ranchers through government deregulation and providing government subsidies. Also, offer low interest-bearing loans. Open up more agricultural lands for farm leasing.

Action No. 2: Promote backyard gardening and hold ongoing community education.

Action No. 3: Engage big box stores and supermarkets to support our local entrepreneurs in marketing local produce and products.

Action No. 3: Involve big businesses and corporations to financially support worthwhile community projects and events.

Support Women’s Rights

The number of babies aborted each year exceeds the number of American casualties during U.S. engagements in wars in modern-day history.

Action Plan: Advocate for pregnant women’s health by helping them to access medical and community resources. For those considering abortion, save the lives they carry in their wombs by linking them with couples and individuals wanting to adopt as well as with adoption organizations.

Uphold The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives citizens the right to carry handguns outside their home to protect themselves from deadly criminals.

Action Plan: Enforce the strictest criminal background checks as well as require a comprehensive mental and psychological screening on all applicants applying for guns.

Make ongoing training on gun safety mandatory. Through modern technology, monitor to ensure that only legal gun owners carry their own guns — and not anyone else.

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