Since the start of this year, political donors have poured almost $600,000 into the campaigns of candidates vying to become Maui County’s next mayor.

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To better understand how money is shaping the race, which is expected to be one of the most competitive in the county’s history, Civil Beat is making it a little easier for you to look up who’s funding the campaigns based on the reports the candidates must file with the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission.

Want to know how many out-of-state donors are dumping money into Maui politics? Or see which industry representatives are giving cash to each candidate? You can use this tool to search for each mayoral candidate and look up who’s donated $100 or more to their campaigns.

2022 Maui Mayoral Race Campaign Contributions Since Jan. 1


Database: April Estrellon/Civil Beat, Source: Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission
Database updated: August 4, 2022

This year, there are eight candidates asking for voters to elect them as Maui’s next mayor. They include a number of prominent county leaders, including Mayor Michael Victorino, who’s seeking a second four-year term, former Judge Richard Bissen and longtime council members Kelly King and Mike Molina. The other candidates are Cullan Bell, Kim Brown, Alana Kay and Jonah Lion.

Since launching his campaign in January, Bissen has raised $397,000 from donors giving $100 or more — tens of thousands of dollars more than his opponents. Victorino has raised the second-highest amount, with about $112,000 in campaign donations since the start of this year.

Voters will be asked to choose their favorites in the Aug. 13 primary. The top two will advance to the general election in November. Mayoral candidates are nonpartisan, meaning they don’t run as Democrats or Republicans.

We’ll continue updating this tool as new campaign spending data is released over the course of the election season. Question? Comments? Email Maui County reporter Marina Starleaf Riker at

Campaign spending information was not available for Kay or Lion.

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