HONOLULU (AP) — Marine wildlife officials in Hawaii said Tuesday they euthanized two dolphins that stranded on a Maui beach, less than a month after another mass stranding in the same area.

The bodies of the two pygmy killer whales were being flown to Oahu for post-mortem examination by the University of Hawaii, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

Agency officials were monitoring four other members of the same species that are milling close to shore at Sugar Beach in the coastal resort town of Kihei.

Pygmy killer whales are dolphins that are often confused with false killer whales and melon-headed whales. The species is found primarily in deep waters throughout tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Five marine mammals died after a mass stranding of 11 animals along the same beach in late August. Four of the five dead were euthanized. The fifth, a calf, was found dead.

NOAA officials initially reported the animals from the August stranding were melon-headed whales.

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