Administrators of Hale Nani Rehabilitation and Nursing Center said Wednesday another resident has tested positive for the virus, following two weeks of repeated testing since the outbreak was first documented on June 12.

This week marked the third round of testing of all staff and targeted residents.

Seven residents have been hospitalized, and five are staying at Hale Nani in a dedicated COVID-19 unit.

The six employees who have tested positive are self-isolating at home.

Hale Nani Rehabilitation and Nursing Center recently passed two state inspections for COVID-19 prevention measures, but the virus has still affected 16 people involved with the facility to date. Courtesy: Scott Miscovich

“We are currently requiring residents to remain in their rooms as much as possible for the present time, and residents are wearing face coverings when not in their rooms,” Hale Nani administrators said in an online post. “Robust disinfecting and infection control practices are in place throughout the facility. All non-critical off-campus appointments have been postponed or will take place over telemedicine whenever possible.”

The nursing facility is the largest in the state.

Officials encouraged relatives of residents to stay in touch by phone or video calling during its ongoing no-visitor policy.

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