The longest-serving governor in state history will be honored Monday in the state Senate chamber.

George Ryoichi Ariyoshi, 93, was Hawaii’s first governor of Japanese ancestry. He served as lieutenant governor from 1970 to 1974 and then as governor until 1986.

The Aloha Order of Merit Ceremony is scheduled to be broadcast live a 1 p.m. on Olelo Community Media Channel 53 to Oahu and the neighbor islands.

Governor George Ariyoshi Fishing Means Food rally held at the Capitol Rotunda. 26 july 2016
Former Gov. George Ariyoshi at a Fishing Means Food rally at the Capitol Rotunda, July 2016. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The honor comes from House Concurrent Resolution 232, which was supported by 38 representatives.

It reads in part, “George Ryoichi Ariyoshi embodies the Aloha Spirit, actively demonstrating the values of akahai, lōkahi, ‘olu‘olu, ha‘aha‘a, and ahonui in his deeds and interactions with local, national, and international leaders and in cross-cultural friendships.”

Ariyoshi is also credited with contributing “significantly to international relations during his term” on the East-West Center Foundation Board of Directors.

State law explains that the Aloha Order of Merit honors people who have achieved national or international recognition in their field, contributed to the attainment of statehood, devoted themselves to the betterment of Hawaii or provided “extraordinary service or brought honor” to the state.

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