Looking for work at Honolulu Hale? On Friday, the next mayor of the City and County Honolulu announced he is searching for talent.

Rick Blangiardi, who takes office Jan. 2, launched a jobs portal for applicants for top jobs in his administration to submit resumes.

The positions include deputies and deputy directors of the city’s various departments — e.g., Corporation Counsel, Enterprise Services, Parks and Recreation and so forth — as well as positions like head of the Royal Hawaiian Band.

Blangiardi is also looking for secretaries and executive assistants.

The portal is now live, and the application deadline is Dec. 2.

A screen shot of Rick Blangiardi’s jobs portal.

Blangiardi also named members of what he calls his “core transition team,” and it includes Emi Anamizu, CEO of Core Group One; Ret. Judge Michael Broderick, CEO of the YMCA of Honolulu; Laurie Foster, senior consultant and partner at Business Consulting Resources; and Karen Chang, former American Express and Charles Schwab corporate executive and wife of the mayor-elect.

“We’ve put together a core group of community-minded leaders who, I believe, will work diligently to craft an effective team to serve at Honolulu Hale,” the mayor-to-be said in a press release.

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