Residents can get the service at a city-subsidized rate.

Private property owners are now able to use the city’s feral chicken removal service, the City and County of Honolulu’s department of customer services said Thursday in a press release.

Chickens were previously only removed from city property like parks and golf courses, according to the press release. The city now has two $50,000 contracts with a pest control service called Terminix International Co., which in Hawaii does business as Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

One contract started on June 19 and only deals with city property. As of Aug. 29, that contract had led to 126 feral chickens being captured and disposed of, at a cost of about $80 per chicken.

The other contract, which started Sept. 5, allows private property owners to also take advantage of the service, at a city-subsidized rate. Cage rentals cost private property owners $50 per week. Disposal costs $10 per chicken.

Feral chickens and roosters on Oahu have been bothering their human neighbors for years, strutting across streets and parking lots and crowing at the crack of dawn. They make frequent cameos in neighborhood board meeting minutes as residents complain that they and their pets are being disturbed by the chickens’ noise, waste and destruction of landscapes.

Residents interested in taking advantage of the new service must contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions directly at (808) 456-7716 or make a request through the company’s website

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